Suisca Group

Suisca Group is a company in operation for over 30 years, comprised of four companies specialising in the maritime sector.

Firstly, we have SUISCA, S.L., focused on the activity of supplying ships and naval repairs. With over 2000 references in stock (technical, food, tobacco, drink, pyrotechnics...) we are able to cover 90% of a ship’s needs with our stock. This division also offers various services specialised for platforms

- Service in the treatment, maintenance and painting of surfaces

- Tailor-made offshore catering + cleaning

Secondly, JJMM Canarias, specialising in steel wire ropes, lifting riggings and the manufacturing of steel and polyester slings and chains systems all certified by the LLOYD’S REGISTER (ISO 9001:2015), with a logistics and freight forwarders system that is capable of reaching any part of the Canary Islands.

In response to the demand, JJMM Iberia was created, and being based in Huelva, this allows us to provide a service in the south of the Spanish Mainland and Portugal.  

Finally, we have Representaciones & Charts, with head office in Algeciras and specialised in the distribution of nautical charts and publications, both on paper and digitally through ADMIRALTY. We are the official distributors for Spain, and we are able to manage the automated stock of the ships.



To establish relationships based on trust, collaboration and respect with all our customers, we want them to feel that we are a part of them and they can trust in us for everything they need.

To seek innovation and the utmost efficiency in all our processes. To accredit our achievements with the corresponding entities.

To establish a beneficial relationship with suppliers.



To collaborate with the best companies in the sector, in order to reach more ports.

To implement improvements into our processes, taking into account sustainability in terms of reducing the consumption of resources and spillages, as well as increasing reuse and recycling.

To continue training a united team, committed to their work, the company and its values.


We believe that continuously training our employees is essential for maintaining their motivation and adapting them to the new systems.

To promote local agriculture and livestock, purchasing from local suppliers not only to encourage Canary trade but also to provide our customers with the freshest possible produce.

In conclusion, Suisca Group's companies seek to form a part of the economic and sustainable development of its environment, providing value to the society in which it develops, generating wealth through its collaboration with the environment. We want to motivate people so that they develop professionally and personally, always under the motto of offering our services with the best quality.